Christopher Ameruos's Paw Print Magazine Circa 2008


This was the fabulous animal lover’s magazine 'PAW print' magazine's website. The new owner of the domain wanted to pay tribute to celebrity and pet photographer Christopher Ameruoso by retaining some of the content from the PAW Print website.
Content is from the site's 2007 archived pages and other sources. All photos on this site by: Christopher Ameruoso


World Famous photographer Christopher Ameruoso presents....

Welcome to Paw Print the Coolest Little Pet magazine


Celebrity and pet photographer Christopher Ameruoso launches the long awaited animal lover’s magazine 'PAW print'. After years of photographing a myriad of celebrities and their beloved pets, Christopher has drawn upon his unparalleled experience to release the coolest little pet magazine in circulation.

Christopher Ameruoso has done it all when it comes to photography, boasting over 40 magazine covers to his credit with more than 1000 celebrities photographed. Ameruoso has been sought by the rich and famous for years, renowned for his artistic perspective and stark clear shooting eye.
Christopher has photographed the likes of Kate Hudson, Julianne Moore, Ben Stiller, Pam Anderson, Virginia Madsen, Rosanna Arquette, Ozzy, Angie Harmon, Ice-T, Nicollette Sheridan, William H. Macy, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Christina Applegate, and Hillary Duff to name a few.


Paw print is a quarterly magazine that allows you entrance to a heady world full of stars and their beloved pets, just as Christopher has been allowed entrance to record this elite footage. It’s a world forbidden to most of us. When was the last time you got to hang out with Nicolette Sheridan and her dog? With 73 state of the art pages filled with full color glossy photographs, entertainment and animal awareness issues, 'Paw print' is in fact the coolest little pet mag on the planet.

'Paw print' is available at select pet boutiques, veterinarian clinics, pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops everywhere.

'Paw print ' hits any demographic where there might be an animal lover. for more information about Christopher Ameruoso

La Ink star Kat Von D poses for Christopher Ameruoso and his Paw Print magazine with her hairless cat Ludwig. The shoot was featured in issue six of Paw Print magazine


Update: As a dog lover, I've always been a devoted follower of Paw Print Magazine, especially appreciating Christopher Ameruoso's photography and articles. My dog Pickles, a cockapoo - a delightful mix of Cocker Spaniel and toy poodle - is the epitome of a designer dog. She's wonderfully people-oriented, brilliantly intelligent, easily trained, and her affectionate nature ensures I never feel alone.

When preparing for Pickles' arrival, I prioritized getting her a dog bed that suited a designer dog like her. I was recommended a fantastic e-commerce site offering round dog beds wrapped in luxurious designer fabrics. To my delight, I found fabrics that matched my living room and bedroom decor perfectly, making Pickles' bed look like an elegant, misplaced pillow in the living room!

In addition to this, my interest in stylish canine accessories led me to discover sterling silver rings, inspired by dog breeds and featured in Paw Print Magazine. These rings, crafted with attention to detail and elegance, resonate with the magazine's theme of celebrating the bond between humans and their canine companions. It's a beautiful blend of fashion and pet love, similar to the way I coordinate Pickles' living space with my home's aesthetic.

Sad that Paw Print Magazine is no more. Pickle passed a few years ago, but I now have another cockapoo called Scampy.

Christopher Ameruoso is still photographing celebrities. To see what he is up to go to his current website at: And if you really love his work like I do, buy his book: Pets and Their Celebrities. It's available on Amazon. I have this book on my coffee table in the living room and invariably everyone who sees it automatically picks it up and enjoys it.The pictures are beautifully presented in black and white. It is interesting to see what type of dogs and pets celebrities are drawn to. Definitely a good book to own and to add to your library.



I just wanted to say that you hit it right on the head with this magazine. Finally a pet magazine with some pride. I love the content and the photo's are amazing. PLease keep up the great work. - John Zazzaro New York

My name is Kathy and I'm from Los Angeles. I picked up a copy of Paw Print at a coffee shop. WOW.... This is incredible.  I sat and read it from front to back cover and loved everything that you had featured. Even your ads are adorable! I could not wait to get home and do the Magickal bonding with my dog. Can't wait for the next issue.- Kathy M. Los Angeles

Someone passed your magazine to me at a party knowing that I was a fan of Pink. Just wanted to tell you that it is awesome. I don't even own a pet and I loved it. Makes me want to adopt a dog.- Michael Carpel Brentwood California.

Christopher, I was a fan of your work before and when I picked up Paw Print magazine and saw that you are behind it I was so excited! Love this magazine... Lisa D. Hollywood Ca.

 Mr. Ameruoso I have been seeing your work for years and always wondered why you didn't have your own pet magazine? When I saw the cover of your new issue on the counter at my local pet washer in Los Angeles I knew it was your work. I had never seen this magazine before so when I opened to the first page and saw your picture and name it all made sense. What a great job. I was wondering if you would still be shooting for all the other pet magazines that I have seen through the years? I hope that you put all your talents into Paw Print. You do have a fan base of followers and we do know and enjoy your work. Don't really care for the other magazines at all. Just looked at them for your covers. Dianna Clark, West Hollywood Ca.

 I just picked up a copy of Paw Print at Kelly's Day Care Training in North Hollywood. I LOVE IT.... Amy, Ca. Christopher I have been inspired by your work for years. When I saw that you started your own magazine I was thrilled. Now I can really see what you are all about. I really like everything about Paw Print. The photos are amazing as always. You Rock! - Dede, Malibu CA.

Someone just sent me a copy of your new Paw Print magazine. I can't stop looking at it! I really need to have these in my business. I own a pet boutique in Nevada. My costumers would love these. Great job. -Juile D.

Christopher this is the coolest magazine I have ever seen. How did you come up with the idea. Your photographs really capture something special. Sign me up. David- Lodi Ca. Come on Paw Print we need your next issue!!!! You need to get this magazine out more than 4 times a year- Carla Penski , Southern California.


Animal House- Julia Szabo is the author of Animal House Style: Designing a Home to Share with your pets, and is a nationally recognized authority on pet lifestyles. She has a weekly column in the New York Post.

Earthlings- Shaun Monson is the writer, producer and director of the award winning film Earthlings, the life changing documentary about big business' treatment of animals narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Shaun Monson has dedicated his life to the animals and their well being.

Pawfect Dishes- Lindsay Crolius is a hot up and coming chef amongst Hollywoods 'A' list who follow her column ‘Star Dishes’. 'Pawfect Dishes' is a column dedicated to making tasty, healthy and easy dishes for your dog.

Doggin' It (Music Review)- Scott Patrick Austin is an A&R; rep for Maverick Records, with a fresh set of ears, he picks the stars of the future. Scott's reviews of new albums will tell us who the hot dogs are in town.

Pets Next Door- Holly Madison is one of the stars of the new hit reality show 'The Girls Next Door'. Being the girlfriend of world famous Hugh Hefner, Holly has been part of the zoo at the Playboy mansion, getting seriously involved with the animals at the mansion. 'Pets Next Door' will feature a different breed of animal in each issue and will educate the reader on that species lifestyle.

World Heart- Linda Blair will write about her personal experiences of the world of animal rescue. Linda Blair started her foundation 'World Heart' about 3 years ago and has been hands on when it comes to animal rescue for many years. Learn what goes on behind the scenes.



More Background On Paw Print Magazine

Paw Print Magazine, introduced by Meredith Corporation, serves as a unique blend of entertainment, information, and resources for cat and dog owners. Launched as a print counterpart to the digital brand, Paw Print Magazine is delivered to approximately 1 million Meredith customers who own both cats and dogs. This initiative underscores the growing significance of pets in households, particularly highlighted by the rising pet ownership in the U.S., where nearly 85 million homes have at least one pet. The American Pet Products Association points to an increasing trend of pet ownership, emphasizing the evolving role of pets from mere companions to integral family members, akin to children or close friends, especially among younger generations​​​​.

Paw Print Magazine stands out by offering a broad spectrum of content that caters to the needs and interests of pet parents. This includes tips on making homes more pet-friendly, ensuring healthier lives for pets, and providing a joyful, informative experience for readers in every issue. The publication aims to enrich the pet ownership experience, reinforcing the emotional bond between pets and their owners. Mars Petcare, as the launch sponsor, supports this vision, recognizing the importance of companionship that pets offer, especially highlighted over the past year​​.

Diane di Costanzo, the editor-in-chief of PawPrint, emphasizes the magazine's mission to enhance the well-being and happiness of pets and their owners by focusing on the overall health and pet-friendly living environments. This reflects a broader understanding of pets' significant impact on their owners' lives, providing companionship, happiness, and emotional support. Paw Print Magazine, through its thoughtful and engaging content, aims to serve this growing market of pet owners who view their pets as essential members of their family​​.

Meredith Corporation's strategic launch of Paw Print Magazine amidst a significant rise in pet ownership across the U.S. demonstrates the company's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of pet owners. By leveraging its extensive audience reach, Meredith aims to provide valuable, engaging content that resonates with pet owners, further solidifying its position in the pet care market​​.



Meredith Corporation, a significant media conglomerate, originally launched Paw Print Magazine as a publication dedicated to pet families, offering a blend of lifestyle and wellness content tailored for cat and dog owners. This launch was part of Meredith's broader strategy to engage pet owners and complement its digital brand,, reflecting the company's recognition of the growing importance of pets in people's lives and the increasing demand for pet-related content​​.

However, Meredith Corporation underwent significant changes in its business structure and ownership. In late 2021, Meredith's non-broadcast assets, including its magazine division which would presumably include Paw Print Magazine, were acquired by IAC's Dotdash to form a new entity known as Dotdash Meredith. This move was part of a larger agreement and restructuring effort aimed at focusing on Meredith's core strengths and expanding its digital and print publishing footprint under the new Dotdash Meredith branding​​.

The acquisition by Dotdash and the formation of Dotdash Meredith signal a new phase in the evolution of Meredith Corporation's publishing and digital content offerings, potentially affecting Paw Print Magazine's operations, distribution, and editorial focus. However, the explicit impacts on Paw Print Magazine following these transitions are not detailed in the sources, suggesting that for the most current and detailed information about the magazine's status and offerings, one might need to consult Dotdash Meredith's official communications or specific announcements regarding Paw Print Magazine's future within the new corporate structure.



Paw Print Magazine targets pet owners who have both dogs and cats in their households, reaching over 1 million families. Its audience includes engaged readers interested in pet health, behavior, care, lifestyle, and entertaining content, reflecting the growing view of pets as family members. The magazine's content strategy and distribution aim to meet the specific needs and interests of this unique demographic of pet parents, providing them with valuable information and entertainment related to their furry family members.



Paw Print Magazine was launched by Meredith Corporation on May 11, 2021, aiming to cater to the growing interest and evolving role of pets in American families, particularly for those owning both dogs and cats. The magazine was designed as a print companion to, Meredith's digital brand that publishes high-quality pet-care content. With the support of Mars Petcare as the launch sponsor, Paw Print set out to deliver informative and joyful experiences to its readers, providing them with useful pet care tips, information, resources, and entertainment in every issue​​​​​​.

This initiative by Meredith Corporation was in response to the noticeable increase in pet ownership across the U.S. and the heightened value placed on pets as family members and companions, especially highlighted during the pandemic. The magazine aimed to serve the needs of pet parents by offering content that would help make their homes more pet-friendly and ensure that their pets live healthier lives. The launch of Paw Print Magazine marked a significant step towards addressing the desires of pet consumers for dedicated content that treats pets as integral family members​​​​​​.



Paw Print Magazine earned first place in the Content Marketing Awards for content marketing launch and new print publication categories. The magazine's strategic focus on serving the niche audience of households owning both cats and dogs contributed to its significant circulation and engagement success​​.